We can conserve fuel by different types of method by ensuring correct tire pressure, travel as far as possible in moderate speed, and use compress natural gas (gas).The government also involved in this because now a days the fuel is becoming lesser and lesser.
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 It's really makes our life tough if we still continue the usage of fuel in large amounts. In order to avoid this, We have to bring awareness on people.We have to turn of our vehicles at traffic.
           We have to encourage car pooling and have to minimise the usage of applying brakes. We have to use hybrid cars which run both on gas and electricity. Electric cars like the Indian Reva are good choices. Under-inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency. Travelling the least distaces by walk or using bicycle is good for health and helps for fuel conservation too.. By implementing this daily, it becomes an habit and the fuel be conserved. So, Save Fuel, Save Future
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