Everybody wants to live a luxurious  life. That involves TV and other electronics.  But have you ever thought of how many people throw away these electronics and other garbage(If you can't imagine that check the pic down below.)  This has been thrown away in various water sources and occupying a-lot of land. when i say a-lot i mean A-LOT of land! There are mountains and mountains of garbage out there!(another pic down below. also check on net for more) 
But there is a solution for all this. We can get get clean water, we can get fresh air to breath all we need to do is... Be sustainable and recycle. in stead of throwing away those bottles, re-use them. You can build lovely houses with them. Instead of 
cutting down the trees we could do a favour for mother nature and grow more plants! If you want to live on earth you have to breath, and how can we breath without any oxygen! 
in stead of throwing bottles we can recycle it and make use of it.
a mother father and their 2 children always recycle.
this is a family that gave up everything to be sustainable, And you can be Just like them! Please don't go out and destroy the earth! Be a responsible human and save the earth. 
Thank you.
By Alison
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