Given below is a profile of Mr. Raj, the school gardener. Write a short bio sketch of Mr. Raj. You could take the help of the clues given below
age- around 50 years
height/weight- six feet, solid built
family- large _six children, four boys, two girls
education- high school
his likes/dislikes-plant, nursery, manure, organic
why he is popular/unpopular- believes children are like young saplingsā€¦.



Mr. raj, our school gardener is an old healthy man with height around six feet. he has a quite large family consisting of six children, four boys and two girls.
though he was educated enough till high school,he got a job of being a gardener. due to his compassionate love for plants he had got a job of a gardener.he was popular for loving kids and thought that girls are like young saplings...

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