Complete the following story in maximum 150 words
once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Every day, her maidens told her a story about a fruit jungle, far away from the castle, where the kids would eat sweet fruits and play for hours and hours. She wanted to see the jungle, one fine day she ran away from the castle. She ran and ran until she reached the fruity gates . Seven fairies dressed in seven different colours welcomed her at she entered the jungle, she was mesmerised by what she saw.
Tell what the princess saw in the jungle. ..



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The scene was magical ... exactly what the maidens told .. dere were all kind of fruits .. from small to big nd red to pink .. a feast for a fruit lover she decided to stay at that place forever nd play with da children hu came o'er dere .. she felt to b da luckiest person ever ..but soon everything she wished nd desired for vanished .. all came up 2 b a myth .. da faries started loving her soo much dat dey decided to not to let her go even when she asked .. now da princess was disheartened nd started crying nd regretting for her stupidity but now she cud do nothing rather dan sobbing but soon da king came nd freed her from dat undesirable place nd opened it for all da people of da place