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here m going to tell u the reasons why the slavery abolished..
:-Slavery refers to a condition in which individuals
are owned by others(rich persons), who control where they live
and at what they work. Slavery had previously
existed throughout history, in many times and
most places. The ancient Greeks, Romans, all had slaves.
Indeed slavery was never abolished still today there r slaves everywhere,it was jst the slave trade tht was abolished in 1807.The members of the Society for the Abolition of
the Slave Trade decided to concentrate on
a campaign to persuade Parliament to prohibit
the trading in slaves, for tactical reasons. They
felt they were more likely to succeed, than if
they demanded the abolition of slavery itself
throughout the empire.
They also believed that, if the trade was ceased,
slavery would eventually wither away, nd it was abolished were earlier slaves were hired for unpaid services etc. which results in revolt by slaves...
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