Dear Jayati,
                  I hope you are in good health by God's grace. It has been a while since we wrote letters to each other. 
Jayati,I know you are person who likes rock music and stuff.But,you must also learn the importance of a songs that are melodious and soft.I know you were born in a different country but you should also respect our country and it's culture.We are the same Indians who fascinated foreigners coming from the four corners of the world by our heritage.Even,soft music is like meditation.It calms down the soul and mind,and helps you to focus on your work.You must try out all sorts of music.I assure you,it will ber very interesting.I know, since I listen to both Eastern and Western music.
              Please take my advice. You will not find me wrong. Give my regards to Uncle and Aunty.      
                                                                          Your friend,

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i want in hindi
u didnt mention wait for another answer or write the question again,MENTIONING that u want the letter in hindi