Trees makes the environment clean and fresh. trees prevent natural disasters. SO GROW MORE TREES.
Tress are very important in our life. it is a natural gift of god which helps us in so many ways. tress take CO 2 and gives us oxygen (O2) which is very necessary for living things. we can not live without trees without a minute. trees gives so much in so less. it gives fruits,medicines,shadow in summer,oxygen,wood etc etc. trees also help in soil erosion and conserve water too. But some how people destroy trees because for there own purpose they destroy the trees for making industries and factory. deforestation is one of the big cause in cutting of trees. We should plant trees because it is a very useful for us.Trees act as sound barriers to reduce noise pollution. so at last i wanted to say that we should plant 1 tree daily because it a a natural gift of god and very useful for us.