List any two observations that help us to determine whether a chemical reaction place with the help of a chemical equation , show that what happens to the given ferrous sulphate crystals are heated ? identify the type of a reaction

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When a chemical reaction takes place, one or more of the following can be observed:
a. change in colour
b. evolution of gas
c. evolution of heat
d. formation of precipitate

When ferrous sulphate crystal is heated;
a. colour changes from light green to white and then to brown.
b. gas is emitted which smells like burning sulphur.

2FeSO₄.7H₂O(s)-------------->2FeSO₄(s) -----------> Fe₂O₃(s) + SO₂(g) + SO₃(g)
(light green)                            (white)                     (brown)
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