Globalisation :
free interaction among the Economies of the world in the field of the trade finance production Technologies and investment is termed as globalisation of the economy.
globalisation increase the foreign trade, private and institutional foreign investments it practically remove all the hindrances and restriction of the foreign trade. globalisation helps the economy in the following way:
1)there is no barrier Technology advancement in the country of by foreign help.
2) foreign domestic investment is allowed to improve the country infrastructure like rail,road Bridge ,electricity etc.
1) liberalisation make the industry free to expand themselves according to the market. it helps the globalisation.
2) liberalisation of the investment helps to start a new business all over the world which is the part of globalisation.
3) liberalisation of the trade means removing unnecessary trade restrictions due to which the import and export between the countries has become more easier and it give the birth to the globalisation.