Fuels are much useful to our daily life. But we are using it more and more. As we know that Fuels are extracted from exhaustible resources, the future generations may suffer alot without fuels .In order to avoid that we must conserve fuels.we can conserve fuels by using the alternative resources such as wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy etc.,.we must reduce using fuels .Scientists also must try to discover more and more alternatives for fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal.
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                                                Fuel Conservation

It won’t be easy enough for us to live without fuel.Coal,petroleum,natural etc. are some examples of fuels.They have high heat-generating capacity.These fuels are immensely important to us in many ways.Coal is used in generating thermal power and even used in industries(generally iron and steel industry).Besides that it is also used as a domestic fuel.Petroleum and natural gas are another important fuels and have several advantages over coal.The refining of petroleum yields many products such as petrol,diesel and kerosene.

Petrol are diesel are fuels used in automobiles.Another product asphalt is used for road surfacing and waterproofing.Natural gas is used as a domestic and industrial fuel.It is also converted into LPG and CNG.We see there are many uses of fuel and we even use them in our day-to-day life.But what about their conservation?They need to be conserved for our future generations to use it.We can make fuel conservation as our habit only if we know our life in its absence.Also,they take millions of years to form. For instance if we have to wait for more than 1 or 2 mins then we can turn our vehicle off and even use carpool. As said-

“The distance of thousand miles begins with a single step”

And our simple-simple steps can lead to a big change (keeping that in mind) We all should take a resolution that from today we will all try our best to save fuel.

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