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                                            Convert waste into wealth

             How is it possible to take waste, which by definition is something useless and convert it into a profit? What can we do to reuse things we had already used up? It is one of the most important questions raised by people from all the corners of the world. So, how could we convert waste into wealth?
             Every now and then we can hear people on the tele speaking about recycling and reusable goods. Since a couple years ago there have been more and more biodegradable containers and bags at the convenient stores or in shops. In many countries, we can observe regular people segregating their waste every day. How can it actually help us? What happens with segregated waste?
             The very idea of recycling is quite plain for that matter. We take a big batch of one type of waste, for example paper-made or plastic. Then, we break everything down to its basic form, for example, we can melt plastic or metal containers. When we have the raw material, we can create new things with it – bottles, boxes, bags, even toys or tools. It is especially important in case of those material which are not biodegradable.
             Biodegradability is, in my opinion, the second way of converting waste into wealth. At the same time, it can be considered as an indirect method. Most people define ‘wealth’ as ‘being rich’ or ‘having lots of money’. However, I believe, that we should also consider our world and environment as the wealth of Earth. Unthinkable amounts of land are polluted and destroyed every single day on our planet. Wouldn’t you agree, dear reader, that we should not add to this tragedy by throwing out non-degradable waste? How many animals will day today because somebody threw away a plastic bottle in which the poor guy ended up trapped? How many fish or lizards will be strangled by a plastic bag drifting in water in some lake or river? Waste that we produce and throw away without thinking is polluting our surroundings and making our beautiful world less and less wealthy. Scrapyards are full of non-degradable litter which will never disappear and it can be changed! So next time you will be faced with a dilemma to get a free plastic bag at shop or to buy a bio-degradable one for a small fee, think if that fee is high enough to risk lives of your silent, animal neighbours.
             I hope I was able to convince that waste can be a fuel for our future development if only we use it wisely.
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