I think that the new gov.. will in the the near future make our country civilised in the terms of tourism, cleanliness ,corruption free and   much more what were promised by them before elections
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Keeping in mind the leader of the new government, not only me, all indians have the following demands and expectations from the new government----------------------1. The government should be free of corruption, and there should be transparency........2.Good governance and the peoples demands must be heard..,,,,,,3. The government should focus on tourism and hence make tge cities clean.....,4. We see forward to receiving at least 18 hrs of electricity in botg cities and villages......5. Development, this is a big expectation from our side.
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i think the upcoming government will lead the country smoothly
we expect the government to decrease the price of cereals and pulses. The government should also focus on developing village area into cities and also see that it is not polluting the area. It should also see that each area gets minimum 15hrs electricity and continuous facility of pure water. we expect the government to keep our area clean and plastic free. the government should also keep in touch with the neighbouring countries for import and exports purpose.
The government should also encourage the youth to participate in the sports which will represent the nation. The government should also develop the country financially too.