So lets start :)

Basically, what is adventure?

=> Adventure is an any activity which makes you feel alive and fresh. We nowadays have forgotten all the joys in our lives and are only stick with our daily chores.

Once a wise man said, "Travel far enough, and you'll reach yourself". This statement really has a deep meaning. For what do we live for? We live only for money, only for cars, big houses? We should always remember life isn't just wealth. It's much more than that.

"A life without adventure is a live not lived upon". When we face adventures, we smile and in turn we feel happiness from inside, and that's what the real meaning of living a successful life is.

Though, it is scientifically proven that if we face adventures and travel, we are happy at most of the times.

Adventure does not always mean climbing a hill up or spending a night inside a tent, adventure is any activity which gives you joy.

To sum up everything, i'd like to say that to live a happy life, one has to face adventures. Remember, life is itself a adventure. 

Thanks everybody!
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