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It's simple but true,
You can conserve the energy,
By converting old things into something new!
A little knowledge about it will go a long way,
Which will help to protect our environment every single day.
All you need to do is not to throw it away,
Just put it aside for recycling any day.
Recycling is to collect,process and reuse your stuff,
It is a good habit and it's never enough.
Newspapers, magazines,bottles and jars,
Plastics and junks and even your car
Can be reused for making something nice and new.
Ask yourself before throwing it away
 that can it be used

as something else someday?
So do your part and have a heart and be a part of the team,
If we all work together then we can make our planet clean.
Everything has it's own importance so conserve it
and it's not impossible
 to convert the waste
 into wealth and something new!
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i hope u like this poem
That's a great one :)
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