Given below is a profile of Mr. Raj, the school gardener. Write a short bio sketch of Mr. Raj. You could take the help of the clues given below age- around 50 yearsheight/weight- six feet, solid builtfamily- large _six children, four boys, two girlseducation- high schoolhis likes/dislikes-plant, nursery, manure, organicwhy he is popular/unpopular- believes children are like young saplings….



Mr. Raj is a person of around 50 whose height is 6 feet and weight is about 75kg  He has a solid built family.HE has a large house. He has 6 children. Out of them 4 are boys and two are girls. He studied till his high school. He has a great interest in nature as he likes plants, nursery,etc very much. He is well known for  his large garden of fruits. Due to his great interest in nature he hisconsider children as young saplings.