Coal, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels. They have been in existence for millions of years. Many people use these fuels as an energy source. However, fossil fuels are non-renewable; if resources are depleted, they will never be available again. It is therefore important to conserve fossil fuels, using alternative sources of energy when possible

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Why Fuel Conservation:

     Conventional Fuels are limited resources on our Earth.  They are natural resources (fossil) and are exhaustible (non-renewable like Solar Energy) in a few centuries.  Even the fuels we manufacture are made from natural resources and use electricity to make them.  Electricity is generated using fossil fuels.

    Excessive use and burning of fuels as well as their inefficient use cause pollution and global warming.  Then our Earth's natural reserves will be emptied faster and Earth's ecological system balance will be tampered with.  Our descendants could face problems of fuel shortage.  So we must conserve all fuels.  Also, government spends a lot of money and foreign exchange for subsidizing fuel to the people.  Fuel saved is money saved at national level.

  Due to pollution our air and water bodies are affected.  Our health is indirectly affected.  Ozone layer is perforated due to CFC (chlorofluoro Carbons).  So Less fuel burnt enables Ozone layer to protect us better.

   We import fuels.  An excessive use of fuel makes us dependent on other countries. It is not a favourable situation.

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