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                      Fuel Conservation - Why & How

Why Fuel Conservation:

     Conventional Fuels are limited resources on our Earth.  They are natural resources (fossil) and are exhaustible in a centuries.  Even the fuels we manufacture are made from natural resources and use electricity to make them.  Electricity is generated using fossil fuels.

    Excessive use and burning of fuels as well as their inefficient use cause pollution and global warmingThen our Earth's natural reserves will be emptied faster and Earth's ecological system balance will be tampered with.  Our descendants could face problems of fuel shortage.  So we must conserve all fuels.  Also, government spends a lot of money for subsidizing fuel to the people.  So fuel wasted is indirectly our own money wasted.

   We import fuels.  So excessive use of fuel makes us dependent on other countries. It is not a favourable situation.


  We should all take actions individually and collectively.

1. Save water. Don't waste or throw it.  If used water can be further used for gardening and watering plants etc. please do so.  Water that comes to our bathrooms and kitchens, uses a lot of fuel indirectly to reach us.
2. Use only as much as required - any products we use.  To manufacture, transport, sell, buy a product - some fuel is spent in some form.  Let that be rice, vegetables, chips, fuel, cement, furniture, or a vehicle.

3. Use electricity carefully and prudently.  Switch off gadgets when not in use.  To make electricity, some fuel is used in some where.

4. Use public or shared transport if possible.  Go by walk if the destinations are nearby.

5.  At traffic lights, switch off engines of vehicles during the waiting period.  A lot of fuel is wasted and pollution is created there.  Many government, public and private transport company owned vehicles do not switch off their engines at Signals. In western world they do.  In India the drivers do not do that due to the fear of engines not starting quickly.  So better ignition technology is required.
6. Encourage recycle, regenerate, reduce types of technologies and processes.  Make it a habit to check if you are following processes, gadgets that are efficient.  Whenever you buy some thing, check its ratings & approvals.

7. Encourage green technologies.  Use latest electric lamps.  Use electric scooters, and cars.  Buy and use solar heaters, solar equipment.  There are bio-fuels and some efficient new engines.

8. Population control is required.  The population is growing at an alarming rate. So are the fuel requirements !  If we control population, fuel usage is also controlled.

9. Encourage use of bicycles in places that are safe.  Use bicycles. Many western countries ban fuel based vehicles in certain locations.

10. Spread awareness about fuel saving and use of bio-fuels among people.  Provide them facilities to do so.

Big Corporates and governments need to come together to improve fuels, more efficient motors, engines, technologies, processes and system.

Create employment opportunities in small towns and villages.  Then people do not migrate to highly populated urban areas.  The consumption is very high in cities.

13. Create good and fast urban transit systems
, like metros and trams.  Then use of private transport may reduce.

14. Ban the use of inefficient motors and machinery.
  Invention of economic green fuels is required.

    Even though the prices of fuel are going up, the demand is still growing. So explicit actions are required to save fuel or create better fuels.  Teach children to save fuel and practice the suggestions.

   Being rich or having a status does not authorize wasting fuel or energy.  If we remember this, then we will surely make fuel conservation as our habit.

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