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Dear rohan
hello! how are you . i hope you are fine. i am surprised by what mother said

my motehr told that you have not prepared for the mmaths test which is on wednesday..
rohan start preparing for your exams or your result may be bad. if you learn at the day before exam you would not  be able to do well. you may fail. then teachers may then start asking questions which may make you fell ashamed so it is better you study today only.  don't watch t.v all the time . if you want to watch watch for half hour. you should study to pass. if you fail friends shall laugh at  you.if you don't want that then study i want you to score full marks in science test.
 reply rohan. study well and score high. convey my regards to mother and father
yours faithfully

hope you like it and it helps too......!!!!!!

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too good !!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome friend
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Dear brother,
i know that you are not intrested in studies . and you are intrested in gernalism . but bro you have to study . now you are in 8th standard and you don't want study . it's not good . you can become a news reporter but only after studying.if you don't study you will not get a job as the news's very important to study all subjects.because the time may not give you a chance to be .so you have to be ready to face every problem.we have a great example in front of us i.e. sunita williams.from her childhood she want to be a submarine driver but the incidents that happened with her and after all today she is an astronaut.
i know you will now study by your heart and will score a great marks . all the best bro!
yours ,
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