In a democracy everyone is deemed equal.But in India 
we find that some are more equal than others.For 
example,most of our politicians and their sycophantic 
supporters think no end of themselves and are a law unto themselves.The same is true with some members of the judiciary too.Take the case of a judge who was refused a berth in a train because all berths had been booked and filled in advance.This worthy took it as an insult and arranged to hold court summarily on the railway platform,found the TT guilty and sentenced him on the spot.The Supreme Court did nothing about this travesty of justice leave alone sack the offending judge. 
Does this happen in a democracy.One could cite a whole slew of instances such as these involving various 
officials of different ministries and departments.If I were 
to attempt this exercise,I could fruitfully enrol myself for a doctoral program and write my disquisition without even the benefit of a guide.For that matter,any university can even have my services as a guide in this subject gratis.All that is needed to substantiate the statement contained in your query without the question mark is a little patience to scan the news papers for a few days.You will then be armed to begin your treatise 
with a flair and style which will flow automatically and with ease.Try it out and have a bash.That's how I was able to write this piece.
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