True wisdom is not when we judge or ridicule one another
as none of us are better than one another

true wisdom is not all the facts that you think you know
every time you open your mouth for the entire world to show

true wisdom is not your version and the opinions you convey
but rather tolerance acceptance and understanding is the way

true wisdom is usually conspicuous through silent interaction
and show by the deeds that you continually put into action
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I lived a life throughout this land, and with time, wisdom have I earned
I'll try my best and that is my pledge, to share with you what I have learned
With growing strength and new found wisdom, sensing I became brighter
Out of no where then came a burning desire, to be this type of fighter

Neither muscle nor aggression could this be an obsession, that I would ever aspire
rather with pen and paper and the truth to shape her, only this could I ever admire
Discovering this power close at hand, hoping that it would finally afford 
An opportunity for me to persist, because the pen is mightier than the sword

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