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Radha: hey avi! Avi: hi !how r u dear? Radha: m absolutely fine!did u watch the recent episode of masterchef Australia. Avi : yes I did watch it I am astounded by the wonderful cookery skills exhibited by the amateur cooks . Radha: really I hope even india offered such a wide variety of cuisines and ingredients so that even I could creat something delicious . Avi: who is your favourite contestant? Radha: it has to be reynold his dishes are out of this world the mystery box challenge was won by him like superhero he made such a tempting dish . Avi: I find rose to be witty in choosing her ingrediwnts .she plays safe and thats what I like about her. Radha : lets watch today's episode at my place whatsay? Avi: sure radzzz
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Two friends are divya and hemanth Divya :good morning hemanth! How are you Hemanth :I am fine how are you Divya :I too Hemanth :what about your studies Divya :they are going well Hemanth what about your parents Divya :they are fine Hemanth :yesterday you didn't went to dance class. Sheela told me Divya :yes because I am watching my favourite reality game show Hemanth :is the programme cash Divya :obviously I love that Hemanth :I too Divya :it's a comedy show and the anchor is very nice Hemanth :ha. Yes Divya :but I thought anand will win the game but bheru won the game Hemanth :I thought ganesh will win Divya :but anyway it's a funny show and I too want to participate Hemanth :I too Divya :Ok then it's getting late I have to g