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These are some questions that a speaker can expect from the audience, on the ASL topic "Environment".  We may be prepared to answer these questions and include the answers in the speech.

1. What is environment?  What is the role of environment in our lives and in our society?
2. What activities are good for environment? what activities are bad/degenerating?
3. Why must we preserve environment?
4. Which government agencies work for the environment?
5. How does pollution affect environment? how can we change the situation?
6. which human activities cause concern to the environment?
7. what can be done to improve environment?
8. What our our individual and collective role related to the environment?
9. how can we teach children the good ways with environment?
10. how do save water, save energy, save fuel, save electricity  help environment?
11. how are our environment and our ecosystem are related? how do we maintain the balance?
12. What are the important days celebrated nationally and internationally regarding environment?
13. In my residential area, at home what I can do to improve the environment?
14. What are the major private organizations related to safeguarding the environment?
15. Are there any awards and rewards related to environment?
16. What are the role of students, scientists, engineers, bureaucrats, politicians, industrialists?
17. Currently, what do you see as the future of our environment?  Where are we heading to in future?
18. How costly is the management of environment?  Is it feasible to really take care of the concerns related to environment/ecosystem?
19. Is global warming related to environment?
20. Natural calamities/disasters and environment : issues , connection, actions to take

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