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    Science is the systematic study of laws of nature, human being, animals, environment, plants, space etc. for their physical and chemical properties.  Science establishes the relationships (and laws) among various substances and physical quantities in the Universe. 

  Science is very relevant to all of us, as our careers in future depend on progress in sciences.  Sciences form the principles and idea for a technology and Engineering is the process to build new products using that technology.  All of us need products for living better.

     Technology tries to make an improved product, or service using a more suitable method or substance or law.  Technology is based on sciences and depends on engineering to come to people.  The aim is always to improve the quality and usability of the product and decrease the cost of the product or service.  A technology that is not yet feasible, necessary or economical at present, will perhaps be feasible and economical later in future.

   Technology is a standardized method of realizing a formula using a class of materials, and a particular technique related to precision or production. Suppose a particular technology is employed in manufacturing & engineering of electricity generation or distribution.  If a new semiconductor material better than Silicon is found, or, a more precise way of making a more complex electronic chip is known, then using that will be the new technology.  Coal based heating in electric power generation plant uses traditional technology.  Atomic power plants use a more advanced nuclear fission process based method to heat water.  So there is a leap in technology to generate a long term based safer, cheaper electric power.  The hazards posed by newer technology are problems that advanced technologies have to solve.

   Products are meant for people or the rich and creamy layer of the society.  People accept the product and its technology or reject it depending on convenience of use and cost.  Then technology is improved to next generation to bring new product to satisfy the people.

   The Science (study and research), Technology (newer and improved), Engineering and Society (use, accept/reject) cycle continues for ever in the world. 

   When people used to burn coal and wood for cooking in kitchen, there were many problems.  New technologies brought in LPG stoves, Biogas based heating, electric stoves, electric cookers, microwave ovens and solar cookers.  Each product utilizes a new technology (method, raw material, design) and gives better service at higher efficiency, convenience, at lower cost to the people, than the earlier technology.  This is what we mean by technology for people.

    Improvements in medical diagnosis and treatments have been made through many generations of technology.  A disease that used to take months to diagnose and cure are now diagnosed and cured within hours or days.

   Long ago the facility of communication with relations and friends was difficult, time consuming and depended on weather and on other people.  Then postal services, fixed telephone, telegrams, were available.  Later cordless and mobile phones were available.  Now a more interactive web based services and phones are combined in one gadget.

   There are some harmful technologies that cause pollution of air and water, cause global warming, produce waste that requires special place to dump it and careful handling.  Unfortunately sciences and technologies have produced chemical and biological weapons.  That is not right. Eco-friendly technologies are the need of the hour.

    In future science will help build better houses, gadgets, more convenient, safe lifestyle, simpler and safer transport for us all.  The people can live better, even though it may be costlier. Huge amounts are being invested on scientific researches.  More and more jobs and professions may evolve due to science.

   Technologists make use of scientific inventions and developments, and attempt to bring in continuous improvement in the lives of people in the world through continuous improvement in products and services.  I hope we all will be part of it and encourage positively eco-friendly sciences and technologies. Let us take oath for it.   Thank you all for listening to me attentively and silently.

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