All living organisms have a life span after which they organism lives forever.
but all living organisms are able to produce more of their own kind before they die. this ability to reproduce is a fundamental property of all living organisms.thus,reproduction is the process by which organisms can produce more of their own kind.each individual organism exists as a of reproduction by its parents.
Reproduction is the process of producing new individuals of the same kind in order to continue it's species. different organisms reproduce in different ways. there are 3 types of reproduction — vegetative, asexual and sexual. vegetative reproduction is the process of producing new plants from the vegetative parts of the plants(roots, stems and leaves). it is also known as vegetative propagation. in asexual reproduction only one parent is included. it occurs in both plants and animals .there are different ways of asexual reproduction. in sexual reproduction two parents are included. this also occurs in plants(flowers) as well as animals.