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I know that! See, there are 2 fathers... 1 grandfather and one father, there are two sons, father and son. ?.......wat I mean is that there are 3 ppl 1 grandfather, 1 father and 1 son. Grand father and father are the 2 fathers and father and son are the 2 sons. So the 3 ppl caught 3 fish!
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Did u undrstnd? Plz ....olz mark my answer as the best....
Um, yes somewhat, ya 2 fathers and 2 sons, ok I will mark.
There were one man as father for 2 brothers . i mean they were 2 sons of only one man . but as you have written 2 sons so they were brothers with one father . as being only three and caught one fish there are three fish
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But there were 2 fathers too, wat about that?