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   Hello friends,   I wish to express my views on children.  I hope you will like that.

    Children are those young buds who are innocent, depend on their parents (or elders) and not yet mature enough to live on their own in this harsh world.  (Adults with childlike qualities or mental disabilities are also children.)  Children are the responsibility of their caretakers.  In general well behaved children are liked and loved by all.
   Children are the most important persons in the world today.  They appear so innocent, kind, intelligent, helpful, and altruistic beings. They bond strongly with those who like and love them. They are the promising future of their nations. Children learn a lot of things from their elders and teachers.  Children follow and often even imitate them.  After many years the same children lead and take care of their elders. 
Children are angels with the heavenly wings diminishing as they grow.

   Children like sweets, peace, music, sports, games, art, detection, adventure, jokes and every interesting activity.  Often they are inquisitive and so creative. Many children demonstrate their talent very early in their life.  Even wronged parents love their own children and hope their children will do good things.  Children need just love and care.  Good Children are like Gods living, as they are well wishers of the world.   They say,  Children reinvent your world for you.

  Children usually run away from those who yell at them or those who do not speak to them softly and kindly. So it becomes hard to talk to children some times.  One needs to be patient, caring, and forgiving  with children. It is often required to explain the logic to the children before asking them to obey certain actions. That helps a smooth coordination and interaction.  Some children are very attached to their close blood relatives and some are detached.  It depends on their way of growing up. A lot depends on their growing up environment. Today’s children have a lot better environment than some decade ago. It is said that a child is the father of the father.  Such is the importance of Children in the father’s life.

  Children should be provided with good opportunities for education, basic facilities for food and shelter. They should have a good homely and healthy environment at home for learning and entertainment. Recreational activities like sports and arts are important too for their complete development.  Well balanced nutrition is a requirement for their proper growth.

   Children often enter into a conflicting state during their adolescence phase and tend to dispute their parents and show their anti-feelings.  But children may realize that their parents do best in their capacity and wisdom to do good for their children, in spite of their weaknesses and limitations.  Children bring fame and pride to their parents.

  Every child born into the world is a fresh and new thought and creation of God, and is a new brilliant and radiant person to advance the progress of the man kind for the better.

   Friends, I thank you for giving me this opportunity and listening to me silently and attentively.

   You can add some proverbs in to this speech to enhance its effectiveness.

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