Mighty Queen, Give Decree
We, the players on the board
have conjured up our strategy
knowing we can remain united
in conquest of their kingdom.

We'll make the bishop run for his life
there be no glory for him to hold 
the dullness of death is upon his door.
Swords of rooks with their brilliant strength
and marble stone for steely boots - 
mount a charge against them now 
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Two little armies,
stare at each other
across a barren no man's land
waiting silently for orders to advance .

the orders come,
and one by one the pawns
march ahead, committing suicide
for the king and the country.

now every one take their move
to serve the nation and the king
and the battle glorious
and the bloodshed at the castle's gate
white emerges victorious,
 and forces black to corner.
check mate