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Yes as we know the craze among children for fast food is growing more day by day.according to me this craze is same like as a blind sheep which falls into a pit and the rest follows it. Children don't really understand the bad affects of the fast food.junk food is really very harmful when taken in excess and create many intestinal problems and cause ingestion and infection among children.they spend a lot of money on fast food and then eventually when caught by diseases make their parents to spend their money on medicine too.But children's don't really understand the bad affects of that junk food.junk food actually seems to be very attractive but it's too harmfully on the other hand too.some debates must be held within the school campus,some posters must be prepared to encourage and motivate students,some campaigns must be held discussing the problems of junk food.........hope this might help u..plz thanks and mark as brilliant. ....
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