Sports is very important in our daily life because it makes us fit and fine and also makes us healthy. there are so many merits of playing sports your body is fit,you become healthy always etc etc. there are two types of games which comes under the sports indoor games and outdoor games indoor games are the games which we play inside the house and outdoor games are the games which we play outside the house. INDOOR games makes our mind strong and develop our mind and OUTDOOR games makes physically strong which makes our body strong and fit so if we play 2 hours daily our body becomes fir and we will never be ill. indoor games are like chess,ludo,carom,table tennis etc, they can make our mind more sharp and develop the skill of thinking of mind. outdoor games like cricket,football,volleyball,hockey etc,they can develop the body and makes body more stronger.


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merits means?
merits means benefits :)
goodness , or good qualities
yup advantages
Can you sugesst me one more best question and its answer on topic 'SPORTS AND GAMES' for ASL STD-IX CBSE.
Yes, Games are very important in our daily lives. because they give physical exercise to our body. and also give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. recently pullela gopichand also got padma bhushan and dronacharya award in those games category.  We get the more concentration power through this games. Through this games we can know our stamina and strength. We can met new friends through games. they helps for good blood circulation. it is a good exercise to our body. Through them, we can do exercise , we will be a healthy person. It is not easy to gain the badminton sportsmanship. It needs a lot of practice with dedication and determination. Hence according to me, games have a great value in our life 
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Can you sugesst me one more best question and its answer on topic 'SPORTS AND GAMES' for ASL STD-IX CBSE.
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