Education, Basically education is everything. Having education is the first step to reach your life goals, or precisely, being successful in life.
If a person doesn't seek education it is likely to be that person would not succeed in the race of life, while the one who's got education remains the winner.

Life isn't just about raising up on your dad's money, it's really much more than that. It's the phase in which we need to prove ourselves as independent, because you would also be someday a parent. You'd be the first one to be an inspiration for your children, and in turn for the society. 

Once a wise man said "A person with education is a person and the other is a liability"

To sum up, basically education is the necessity to reach your goals, Nothing else! 
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If someone tells you something wrong, hazards, or just for control aspect, with education you will know it.
Lack of education and suppression of information, is probably the biggest control aspect on someone.
From not allowing a woman to go to school, or the *Adult conspiracy is still used around the world even now.

*Adult Conspiracy seeks to protect children from knowledge that could bring them to great harm.
Not allowing a child to go some were, not telling how to summon the stork, and fowl language are the most common.

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