The Yellow Laden, Cloth-line,
Between Hibiscus plants tied,
Built one-one, all 
Line’s ugliness had died.
Spot of all youths,
As Mudcakes they make,
‘Tis unmatched, To build
What does she or he take?
The Reeds that grow,
Like Paddy in the Vast Fields,
Standing still majestically,
Beauty has good yields.
The Stray dogs, of thirst
It’s tongue out, stares agape.
The adorable titters, every now and then,
No cassette can ever tape!
Stench terrible in around,
Nose to be blocked.
Due to this great sight, oh my!
All smells are cloaked!
Laden straw, Sight a spot
Paintings can’t draw this.
Thoughts and felt ne’er before,
Not even thy first miss.
Reeds and Spider-webs, fill great sight.
So small and so brown,
Comforts we feel, standing near.
More than having a king’s crown!
Look at it, for a while,I can hardly tell,
East and West,
North and South I cannot say,
For it’s a songbird’s nest!

(1) Which line(s) describes the Hard Work done by the Songbird?
(2) What is described as 
     (a) Ugly
     (b) Standing still Majestically
(3) Why does the poet say the stench is not detectable?