A man buys two clocks, A and B, at a total cost of Rs2600. He sells Clock A at a gain of 25percent and Clock B at a loss of 25percent and gets the same selling price for both the clocks. Find the cost price of Clock A and Clock B.

Its a bit tricky question. If you are in class 7 or 8 and can solve it, that would be great. I have solved it already.



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5/4 A= 3/4 B
A = 3/5 B
A + B= 2600
8/5 B= 2600
B=  1625
A= 975

Finally, someone turns up with an answer. But you can elaborate it. That will help others.
Also mention these formulae- C.P= 100 x S.P/ 100+ Profit%. and C.P= 100 x S.P/ 100-Loss%
sure will do it next time
I forgot the formulaes of profit and loss % otherwise these questions were like a game for me
You are a fool as well as an idiot. Or you are blind. If you don't know the answer, then don't answer the question...