Yes technology is harmful for nature because technology as computer,laptops e.t.c these instrument help to destroy nature.

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Technology is the scientific, and engineering method employed in manufacturing or doing some service.  Technology also includes the set of materials and their quality  and their properties.

Employing a particular technology, we can make products or do a service or job at some quality level to some satisfactory level with some ease and comfort as well as with some level of profit.

Employing newer technologies may save our personal or organizational time, give more convenience, facilities but could be expensive or less costly.

Technologies could harm our nature, environment and ecosystem. 

1.     Manufacturing of electronic materials has a disadvantage that it generates e-waste.  Some of the materials used include harmful substances and they do not degenerate naturally over thousands of years and they are not recyclable.

2.  Some technologies like atomic energy plants could release atomic radiation, if they are not carefully handled.  There is a risk.  Atomic radiation harms agriculture, plants, trees, and living organisms.

3. Technology of running cars, motors using fossil fuels - oil gives out smoke and releases gases into the atmosphere.  It causes pollution.  They cause global warming too.  Technologies that burn fuel to run industries also cause similar harm.

4. Technologies related to chemicals, colours, leather manufacturing etc. produce wastes that contain harmful substances.  They are mixed into waters polluting and causing harm to rivers, seas and animals in them.  They cause diseases to people too.

5. Technologies that purify water and make mineral water - they use a lot of water from natural bodies and then also use a lot of electrical or other energy.  Thus the requirement of energy production increases, as energy is not consumed in an efficient way.  This leads to more pollution and global warming.

6.  Cell phones probably harm people's or animal's brain through their electro-magentic waves.  Electrical and other signals (ultrasonic) may affect animals more.

7.  Newer technologies make obsolete the products manufactured using outdated technologies, and so increase waste.  So more of useful good land is need to put - dump waste.

8.  Animals, fish and vegetation are killed and cut for the purpose of making medicines and useful products using some technologies in corporate industries.  If those technologies are not there, then naturally available services, medicines, products would have been used.  Perhaps modern people may not  find that very convenient.

9. Animals are killed for making many products - even oil and other substances used in research.  Trees are cut down for making many products including furniture and interior decorations.

Nano technologies, geo-engineering, and synthetic biology are new technologies which need to be monitored carefully so that they do not cause harm to nature and ecosystem processes.

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