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                           Fitness - Importance  in our life

     Fitness and its need have gained a lot of importance, more than anything else, since a few decades.  Children to old persons bother about it now.  Rich persons and celebrities spend a fortune to buy fitness equipments for their homes.  

1. We stay healthy when we are fully fit.   We live longer when we are fit and healthy.  Our body biological metabolism is better when we do exercises with all body parts.  Sweating from all parts means that the body parts are all working in good condition.

2. Exercise and fitness allows our body limbs to be in condition to be sportive, quick, agile and energetic.  Sometime we need to do actions in a hurry, exert ourselves, climb many stairs or run to catch a bus or something like.   If we are fit, then we feel no problem.  Otherwise, we feel sorry for not being able to do such things.  We will not be able to move with other person around us.

3.  We appear more charming when we are in good shape.  We retain our good shape only when we continue doing exercises, yoga, jogging, bicycling, evening and morning walks among other things.

4.  Traditionally men and women worked a lot physically at their own homes exercising their body.  So they stayed fit.  Nowadays various gadgets and appliances have reduced those works.  So there is a need to burn the fat and extra calories by explicit fitness exercises.

5.  If we do not attempt to stay fit, it is likely that we become fat, obese, dull, sleepy and inactive.  We may not be liked by friends and family members.  Our classmates may ridicule us and make fun of us.

6.  If we do not stay fit, our clothes get tight.  We have to spend a lot of money to keep changing our clothes.

7.  For leading a good family life we need to remain fit and keep our family members to be fit too.  If we are too heavy and fat, it is difficult to do our own works ourselves.  We may not even be able to bend down much.  We may need other’s help.  We may need to order special furniture for ourselves.  We will be the odd person out in a group.

8. Very thin persons, weak persons, too fat persons may feel depressed or inferior to others.

9. People with good exercises and fitness probably get good and sound sleep, which refreshes them to be fresh and energetic next morning.

10. Fitness experts can get good jobs as fitness consultants, physical trainers etc.

11.  Being fit is beneficial and not being fit is harmful, so either way fitness scores.   

12.  We save on medicines and other expenses.  Not being fit, one may get headaches, backaches, muscle pulls, constipation etc,

   I prefer  "I" to "A" to be in between F and T, and you?

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