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     Children are the future of the country, any where in the world.  They are going to manage the country after two decades.  If they are not scoring well in studies, it does not mean that they are bad or useless.  They still form part of the Nation.  If the children are not shining in studies now, it does not mean that they cannot do better later on.

   All children will fit some where in the huge country/world, in some service, employment or business.  A nation requires all kinds of people and experts with academic excellence, managerial skills or vocational skills or skills of other kinds.

    Perhaps persons with academic excellence will top the administrative jobs of high cadres.  People have natural talents in some fields other than academics.  So they can excel in them.

   In all generations of people over last many centuries, there have been academically capable as well other persons in the country.  The country has progressed always.  Many national leaders, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs were not very good at studies.  Still they worked hard with dedication to craft their future.  Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul  Kalam, Bill Gates, Adolf Hitler were not great in their school academics.

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