The series of Mughal emperors begins with Babur.He was one of the most brilliant and attractive figures in the whole of Asian History.Babur was born in 1483.In 1494,he became the king of Farghana,asmall state in Tansoxiana.But in course of time he was forced to withdraw from his native country.Then he returned his attention to India.      India at this time was the scene of countless jealousies,seething rebellions and open disunions.Babur thought that conquest was easy.IbrahimLodi met Babur at panipaton April 21,1526. In this battle Ibrahim Lodi died .Babur seized Delhi,Agra without any delay.He made up his minds to establish himself as emperor of India.Babur died on december 26,1530at Agra and was buried at kabul. Babur wrote his memoirsTuzuk -i-Baburi in Turki