Black hole absorbed light so commonly if we go inside it then there is nthng to see except planets, stars and asteroids .
see discovery science tushar it will help u to understand : )
If u see it u should know that black hole is itself a theory.there is not any evidence of its existence so this is a silly question\
so u can report this question bro if u think that this question is silly : )
na this guy who asked this question interested to know what he don't know so it's his right to know........................and u should watch cosmos in nat geo.that is better than discovery science
ok thnx
No human has ever seen, what is inside the black hole. Only the creater knows .so for scientist theorized it is small point of densely packed matter ,not event the light can escape from the black hole b'coz of it's tremendous gravity . Theory of relatively state that when a humen r a mass matter cross the horizon it will fall in to its gravity depends on it's mass its speed of fall to the heavy center. Where time will be stop inside the black hole.Even scientist say that ,it is possible for time travel if a human travel at a speed of light respective to it direction of circle where he can travel to future or to the for to do this experiment we d't have such big rocket or any sort of fight to travel in and to experiment the time travel