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   Friend, I can not sketch / make a poster directly for you... However, I can give you some hints and ideas for the contents of the poster for "drive safely"  or "safety on roads".

Part 1)

   You may have a young man with a scooter/motor bike beside him entering the main gate of a house. His mother/wife/kid/sister/brother/father are standing on the ground between the house and the gate.  A caption appears underneath: "Drive Yourselves Safely Home ! "

    Part of another caption "Better to Reach Home Late .."  appears under the picture.

Part 2)

     You may have a person injured badly and bleeding. He sits on the road side.  Or, a person is dead on the road in a pool of blood.  The vehicle (scooter/car/motorcycle) is totally damaged.
         A caption "or, Dial 0000 for Ambulance to drive you Home!"

      Part 2 of the caption " than Never..."  appears underneath.

more captions:

      "Safety Matters,  as Life is Precious. "
        "Safety First !    Destination is only Next !"
           "Your Hurry,  Causes All Others Worry !!"

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