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Report of the meeting on the forthcoming sports day..

   the Director/Chairman,
ZZZZZZ school/institute

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     We discussed the action points and their follow-up  from the previous meeting two weeks ago.  The various secretaries for different sports, and assistant from administration, P.T. coaches were present.  The summary of my discussion with the professor, in charge of sports committee were presented.  They included the outline of the sports day's programme/agenda.  The expenses estimate happens to be more than the allocated budget.  We need approvals on that front.

     All members of the sports council are informed that our chief guest for the sports day has agreed to preside over the function.  We will use the stage in the stadium for the show.  On that day of the celebrations, we are going conduct the finals for various athletic events from 4 pm onwards.  Our cultural secretary has agreed to arrange musical  and cultural performances for about half-an hour.  They take care of the inauguration lighting and prayer too.

     The prizes, certificates, T-Shirts and cups have been ordered already.  Blazers and coats for the eligible faculty and students have been ordered too.  They will arrive two days before the day.  The administration is taking care of the pandal, stage, chairs and so on.  Our cultural council members related to audio and electronic systems will take care of those arrangements.  Our director and chairman are also presiding over the function. 

     Notices are put up in the hostels and in the main notice board.  Volunteers for supervision, and arrangements have been sought.  The student winners in various events are informed.  They have been advised to come in a good attire (traditional if possible).  Already some posters for boosting the atmosphere for the event are underway.  We will have some banners too in the stadium and in the administrative building.  Our photo club will take care of the video and photos for the event.  We have also checked up on the generator backup for the electricity supply.  We will also publish a sports update magazine a month after the event.  The magazine club will take care of that.  A colorful magazine with the events related to sports during the past year will be released two days before the day.  It is already in print. 

   We are expecting to see a large attendance from students.  We are expecting higher budget and more sports to be included for the next year.  The teams that have won district level and state level competitions will be felicitated.

     All the members are enthusiastic and are looking forward to the sports day.

Sports secretary

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