some people believe we must never tell lies while others believe there is nothing wrong in telling lies under circumstances eg in saving someones life.write a article on both the views.........

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Never tell lie -It is not good to tell lie because we have listen the poetry 'for hiding one lie we have to speak 100 lies'. And sometimes we hide some trouble from elders and regret
after that.And this is also said by Mahatma Gandhi.

Sometime is good to tell lie to save someone's life or job. For e.g. someone had make a mistake in ur class that is not very big so you can forgive him\her if he\she is saying sorry to u and saying that will not repeat this mistake.And it can same him\her from teacher's scolding for very small mistake.
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It's great say that always be honesty . to be honest we have to speak always the truth.we should always stand behind the true one.because we can trust anyone only once . if he/she fails to or lies to us then best friends also gets annoyed and by this their friendship is no more . this only because of telling lie . because after telling lie one day it would be get simply always be honest speak true.
yes sometimes we get caught in such a incident where we have to tell lie . but it's not dishonesty besides it's for the welfare of saving our friend . for his good one.
a thing then it is telling lies or truth is right at their own places because nothing both of them is perfectly right or wrong.and excess after all leads to destruction.
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