Fuel is used everywhere, from factories, Power plants to car and other vehicles.
Fuel has now become a necessity for the majority of the world which automatically increases its demand. But what if all the fuel in world gets finished?

There wouldn't be any cars on the roads or any factory functioning, In our world the possibilities exist because we have fuel, but when no fuel is there, there isn't gonna be any kind of inventions in turn the living standards of everyone will go down.

We need to understand "Fuel is not water" Although water is equally precious, but we get water back when it rains, but there isn't any rain of fuels. If the fuel on the earth gets finished, we cannot revert or get it back again in our lives.

So, a question arises, what can be done?

Well, there many things that can be done. We, the common people cannot have access to all the fuels but most of us have vehicles running on petrol or diesel.
So we need to keep in mind that we turn off our engines when there's a red signal, we can also turn off the engine during traffic jams. Moreover what we can do is switch to CNG, which is a man-made fuel and can regenerated with time, but 
petrol or diesel cannot do so.

To sum up, i'd like to say that fuel should be used carefully as once it's finished, it cannot be reverted back. Moreover we should spread awareness about this amongst people. 
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Fuel is fast depleting. Fuel is not water. Fuel is not a renewable source. You should never waste fuel. Try not to use a car or motor vehicles as much as possible. Don't drive short distances, bike it. Don't waste your cooking gas. Fuel Gone, and Fuel Gone forever that is.