Complete the following story in maximum 150 wordsonce upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Every day, her maidens told her a story about a fruit jungle, far away from the castle, where the kids would eat sweet fruits and play for hours and hours. She wanted to see the jungle, one fine day she ran away from the castle. She ran and ran until she reached the fruity gates . Seven fairies dressed in seven different colours welcomed her at she entered the jungle, she was mesmerised by what she saw. Tell what the princess saw in the jungle. ..



She saw it was a land of 100s of variety of fruits.she felt like it was a fairy far her eyes reached she could only find fruits and children's. she felt so fortunate on her decision. some days later she found her maiden .she came to know that it was a plan of her maiden to kidnapp her .she felt so guilty on her decision. but then she saw her father, his eyes were full of tear Just wanting to see her daughter. He found his daughter huged her and asked never to leave him alone.he punished the maiden and free all the children from their