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Hey u know one of our friends is not taking care about planted trees

yes i have also observed him many times 

we have to do something or els the plant gets spoiled 

yes we will say him the importance plants  ( u write the importance of plants)

ok come on lets say him the importance of plants 

i hope that he would take care of it hear after

yes i too
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Very good answer. thanks
the answer is very useful to me
your answer is full of mistakes. for example: in the line " we will say him the importance of plants" it should be "tell" not "say"
Person 1: Oh! I am fed up with that boy!
Person 2: Rahul, right?
Person 1: Who else? He's the centre of attraction! And he's arrogant!
Person 2: I agree! I caught him trying to uproot that mango sapling yesterday. Thanks be to the lord I caged it.
Person 1: Something has to be done about that Boy!
Person 2: I couldn't possibly agree any more!
Person 1: Maybe we can give him something for taking care of them.
Person 2: Sure. Take it off the table and he's off on his way. Won't work.
Person 1: What about scaring him? He's a total believer!
Person 2: Why, I think you have something there. Maybe we can tell him that plants and humans are cross dependent on each other.
Person 1: That's a good idea!
Person 2: Great! Now you go give him a lecture while I take that cage off the Mango Sapling!
Person 1: Don't. Just keep one on every sapling. Just for safety's sake.
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