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Twenty twenty matches may be more interesting than One day internationals because:

1. They are arranged at convenient times.
2. There are more matches scheduled with more number of teams.
3. There are many teams containing many favourite players.
4.  There are players from all regions of the country if it is a national level tournament and there are many international players when it is at international level.
5. There are mixture of players from various regions into one team.  This does make  each player put in a maximum effort.
6.  There is a lot of money involved.  There are more activities, related to the twenty twenty tournament.
7. There are not many dull moments in the game. Players have to score or take wickets or defend well.  Fielding is given high priority too.
8. Since the innings is for a smaller duration (overs), the players are not tired much after one innings.  They can put in good effort during the second innings of the other team.  For example, the team that fields first for 50 overs, does get tired and their openers have to go for batting immediately.
9. There is a rotation of players - more frequently than in One day matches.
10. The players try to play non-conventionally too to score runs and do entertain the crowd.
11. Classical styles and technically correct batting or bowling are not priority.
12. Many new talented players participate and show their good talent to the delight of crowd.
13. Many of these matches are day-night matches played under flood lights.  So it is interesting for the crowd.  Evenings are cooler to sit in the stadium.  So children also can enjoy without the hot Sun glazing on their faces.

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