Three characters are there in this conservation:
Adam(i.e. You); 
Ben(i.e. Your Partner); 
John(i.e. The Scared Kid);

Adam: Hey, Ben! Seen John anywhere?
Ben: Hello Adam! You mean John? He's not in the water alright!
Adam: How could I forget! He wants to swim very badly, but he's too scared to do it.
Ben: Uh! He's hydrophobic now!
Adam: What is to be done about him?
Ben: Maybe we can toss him into a simulation.
Adam: Pardon me?
Ben: We can bring him to that simulator downtown. They give a simulation to people with certain phobias and treat them. Movie Therapy, in short.
Adam: Sounds like a great Idea!
Ben: We should schedule a mall visit.
Adam: What about Sunday? I'm free.
Ben: So am I. Just hope John is free too.
Adam: Everyone's free on Sunday.

Nothing but you have to go forward aand encourage him,if he wants to swim he can do it.He just needs a little bit of help.