In countries, especially like india in which wastage is way more than production, we need some way to convert this waste into wealth. Our country, India, generates 150 Million tonnes of waste everyday!
It's not that this waste is just all useless and cannot be sold or again recycled to form better productions, Of course it can be! 

In this 150 Million tonnes of waste produced everyday by India, there is all domestic, industrial, natural, factorial and many other kinds of waste.

So the question arises how waste be converted into wealth?

Well it can be done by Neutralising our daily wastage, If that can be done. Still many many waste would be left untreated and would act as a 'liability' to our nation.

In all the above cases I mentioned, some parts of industrial and factorial waste could be treated/recycled to form new products, which would act as an extra earning for the nations. 

This'll have two benefits

1>The waste would not sit around and in turn pollute environment.
2>The money made by selling the recycled products will act as a source of extra income for the nation.

To sum up, I'll like to say that, waste could be made wealth if we treat/recycle the waste, and in turn contribute a little more to the national income by the money made by selling the recycled products.