I'm going to give my entrance exam in a art college on design course, in interview i can got a question there that "tell the different names of designers in design art ?"please give the answer of the question immediately its very important.

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Paula Scher: Use type as image
Alvin L ustig: Suggest, don’t explain
Lucian Bernhard: Simplify
El Lissit zky: Communicate without words
Ladislav Sutnar: Understand your user
Josef Müller-Brockmann: Use the grid
Ivan Cherma yeff and Tom Geismar: Don’t limit yourself to one style
Muriel Cooper: Emb race technology
Stephen Doyle: Don’t du_mb down the design to reach a larger market
John Maeda: Get a design education

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bt here is no option of best mark showing because u r the only person who answer this question frnd if any one else answer this question thn i will definitely marks u best
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