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Sometimes we get trusted on some persons like who are speaking with the butter in their mouth . and we blindly get trust on him or her . specially it happens in surfing.we have many virtual friends.and we think they are very good but it's not understand things from one person's view,it's too hard . because two people don't have same nature . some are positive other are negative one.untill you don't get familiar with the person's likes and dislikes.we can't understand him/her.we have to work as he or she likes.we have to accept him or her as correct one
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In general, people think about what that person has done but fail to realise why he has done so..!But once if you realize the cause for his way of doing'll surely regret that you were mistaken.We , humans think in a manner native to us and believe that our judgement and decisions are always true and praiseworthy.But we hardly realize.. whether our decisions inflict pain to others (may be dear ones or ur rivals) or make them feel better..! Firstly , one needs to try understanding the others opinions ,  feelings and attitude.And then , we need to act accordingly. We need to stand in his place while thinking and reply in a manner which offers him both satisfaction and trust upon you..! That person would surely feel that he/she is blessed with such a nice person like you who can understanding his/her's internal feelings even in his/her silence.That's the attitude of a true caring person..!! Even single misunderstanding can destroy a wealthy relation..!! So..we need to better  try understand people's ways of thinking and the life they lead.. prior to our judgement..!! This helps relationships last longer and stronger..!!:)

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