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    The packaging material is tetrahedron (pyramid) shaped plastic-coated paper carton.  The innovation was introduced by a company called “Tetra Pak” owned by Ruben Rausing and Erik Wallenberg.  It was in 1970’s in Sweden and Switzerland.

the reasons for choosing it are:

  1. It does an efficient packing regarding volume space utilization.  Its space utilization factor is 75%.
2. It is economical.  Glass bottles are expensive, need effort for recycling them, storage and sterilization.
3. It is an environmental friendly packing material.  biodegradable thick paper.  Plastic or polythene is polluting and non biodegradable.
4. It is hygienic.
5. Strong material, so we can pack a lot of them over each pack.  Polythene sheets are not strong for packing a number of them over one another.
6. Storage for a long duration.  Milk in Polythene loses /gains heat quicker.  Thick cardboard paper sheets are more insulating.

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