A village has total population of 2500 people. Out of which 1300 people use brand
A soap and 1050 people use brand B soap and 250 people use both brands. Find the
percentage of population who use neither of these soaps.

i think the sum is wrong
you have to learn set theory to do this the answer by the ways is 400 people you dont use either if the brands.
and i am 1000% sure about my answer and the question is not wrong.
and the percentage will be 400/2500 * 100= 16 % is the right answer you could compare with answer.


brand a=1300
brand b=1050
brand a and b both=250

percentage of population who use neither of these soaps=2500-(1300+1050+250)*100/2500
=negative value 
may be data given in the que is wrong or ans is 0%. that means every one in the village uses one or the other soap brand.

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Since if you do
so i think the question is wrong or there are no villagers who use no soap.